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How to modify seat in Indigo flight?

Airlines offer copious elements for sharing a smoother traveling experience. Out of many facilities, one is advanced seat selection because airlines have various distinct seat categories based on necessity. So, when you have prepared a traveling plan with Indigo Airlines and also selected a seat for the same. Afterward, your requirement for traveling gets changed, then worry not because you could be able to modify your seat too. In order to conduct that, you could derive a number of ways, and the details about the same have been mentioned in the subheading.

Process of Indigo flight modification

When you wish to carry out the process independently without any kind of help, then you can use its official website. If you are willing to find a clue for conducting it, then follow up with the points mentioned at the bottom:-

  • Reach the official web page of Indigo Airlines
  • Later on, click on the manage option and select “edit” options
  • After that, submit your booking reference number with your last name or email.
  • On the next tab, choose the “Change seat” option
  • Now, a seat map appears, and there, choose a seat from the available list
  • Further, pay for a seat with an available source and then click on submit icon.

Acknowledge different modes to modify a seat on Indigo Airlines

When you have a requirement of picking a seat on Indigo Airlines, then you could get several ways for the same and detailed information about its usage is mentioned at the bottom.

Dial the Indigo Airlines phone number

The seating process gets a lot easier by conducting it with the help of customer service over call. If you can make a call, then you just have to share your itinerary information and preferred seat options. Further, dial its phone number, 1 (877) 606- 2506, and then choose the “seat” option from the shared recorded message.

Get to an airline counter 

When you are at the airport then, also you can modify your seats by locating an airline counter at the airport. But seats that you can get could be subject to availability, and if space is vacant, then by paying its cost, you can have the same. Thereafter, conduct your check-in process and obtain an updated reservation. 

Render seat selection policy of Indigo Airlines

When you are willing to pick a seat from the airline, then you may have to be an accomplice with the seat selection policies. Thus, its related provision has been mentioned at the bottom:-

  • When a space is available, then only you could be able to modify your seat.
  • If you have checked in without picking a seat, then the airline could assign any random seat.
  • The pregnant lady and unaccompanied minor cannot get a seat near the emergency exit rows.
  • When you are traveling in an upper cabin, then you can choose a seat without any additional cost, but every other class may have to pay the same.

Bottom line

When you go through the above-stated tiles, then you can acknowledge the procedure for modifying a seat on a flight, and this method could remain the same for Indigo flight change too. If you have any doubts regarding this, then contact the customer service team and obtain a resolution.