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Air France is a flag-carrier airline of France that ensures that passengers get the best help and assistance on their domestic and international flights. The airline prioritizes the comfort and safety of travelers on their flights. After the pandemic, all the health measures and rules have become stricter. Air France has also laid some Covid19 restrictions that are required to be followed while taking a flight with them for any destination. 

Do I need a Covid test to fly on Air France?

Yes, travelers must bring their Covid 19 negative test report before boarding a flight ticket with Air France. However, the Air France covid-19 test requirements change as per the destination to which they need to travel. The vaccination certificate for both doses is mandatory, and passengers must show it at airport. 

What are the Covid requirements flying into France?

If the passengers are flying to or from France on an Air France flight in that case, they don't need to provide any covid 19 test or vaccination certificate at the airport. However, there is some requirement to fly with Air France to get the time-saving-ready to-fly services in which the passengers have to upload all of their health documents before they arrive at the airport to reach their desired destination. 

Air France Covid-19 travel restrictions

Air France prescribes some rules before they board their flight ticket with Air France. The rules prescribed by the airline are mentioned and explained here for you. 

  • Travelers must wear a surgical mask when on board, and this rule applies to passengers over 6. 
  • The passengers have to learn about the travel and health measures of the trip as it may change as per the destination they are traveling to. 
  • The Validation period for the Covid test taken by the passengers is quite short. Usually, they need to take the text a few days before the departure or arrival, depending on the country they are traveling. 
  • In most cases, the validity of the Covid-19 test is calculated based on the time and date of collection and the time and date of departure of the first flight.
  • However, some countries calculate validity days, not hours, or as per the flight arrival time, not departure. 
  • Some countries require a test certificate and the vaccination certificate in digital or printed format, including a QR code. This certificate may differ from the result sent by the lab, and for more information about the same, make sure you visit TravelDoc to verify the documents you need to shore at the airport. 
  • Some countries accept the test certificate in English, while others require it to be translated into the official language before traveling. You can make sure that the country you are traveling in needs the translation or not with the help of TravelDoc. 
  • The authorized vaccination varies from country to country, its validation conditions, and the minimum time required between the last injection and the traveler's entry. In addition, some countries require all travelers, even those vaccinated, to take a covid-19 test to know about the quarantine period. 

Final Words

For more information and details, feel free to connect with the customer service agent of the airline by dialing the phone number or opt for the other necessary method to connect with them.