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Spirit Airlines is committed to providing safe travel to passengers. Considering this, safety measures are implemented to protect flyers. And the Spirit covid guidelines are changing as the situation demands. For the latest updates related to Covid-19, keep reading. Once the crisis eased, Spirit Airlines restarted services to many destinations in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. At some places, you will be asked about travel requirements. Passengers need to fulfill the Spirit Airlines COVID-19 Test Requirements before boarding the flight so that they can fly safely. 

Do I need a Covid test to fly on Spirit Airlines?

For a healthy environment, the RT-PCR test is mandatory before flying. A valid test report needs to be present when asked by the airline. Now, you can board the flight even if you are not vaccinated, but you shouldn't be given priority while making the reservation. Flyers who need testing, quarantine, and necessary information must be checked with the local government website. Contact a live representative if you have issues related to airline Coivid instructions. 

Spirit Airlines Covid-19 travel requirements

As the situation gets better, there is some relaxation in the policies, but there are certain conditions you have to follow. Here are the Spirit airlines covid rules made to keep the safety and security of travelers in mind: 

  • Passengers are required to check the Country's Covid guidelines made by the government they are arriving. 
  • Spirit Airlines follows restricted face-covering policies at the airport, onboard aircraft, and jet bridge. 
  • Face masks can be removed for eating, taking medicines, and drinking. Once you are done, you need to cover your face immediately. 
  • The face should be covered well-protected manner. This means travelers are expected to cover their mouth, nose, and chin with two layers of fabric in case of cloth maks or disposable non-medical face masks. Plus, open-chin triangle bandanas mesh material isn't considered a face mask. 
  • Face shields are allowed. However, you need to cover your face with a mask. You can't replace a face mask with a face shield. 
  • Children below the age of 2 years don't need to cover their faces. 
  • Certification of the Covid test is a must that is not expired. 
  • Travelers need to carry proper gloves is equally important as a face mask to board the flight. 
  • If flyers check the symptoms like cough or high fever, they should inform about it to the airline immediately so that extra precautions can be taken to protect others. 
  • For social distancing, the two-seating policy is followed by the airline.  

Violating the Spirit airlines covid rules can lead to the cancelation of your flight. As a result, you need to pay the cancelation fee and not be able to visit the destination. Those who will not adhere to the instructions will be banned from future flight privileges with the airline. Thus, cover your face appropriately throughout the journey. The policies will be evaluated as the condition evolves and the relaxation made by the government. Visit the website for more information.