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If you purchased a flight ticket with British Airways after the pandemic, then you must be thinking about the requirement of a COVID test to fly with them. The COVID test is mandatory to fly to some countries, so depending on your arrival destination, you must submit a negative COVID test to board the flight. And for some countries, the vaccination certificate is all you require. 

What are the British Airways COVID-19 test requirements?

If your arrival country makes it mandatory to submit a COVID test or you want to do a test before your journey for precaution, then you will find the COVID test center at the British Airport. Below you will find the British Airways COVID-19 test requirements that you should consider to reach the COVID test center:

  • You must make a reservation for the COVID test in advance at British Airways Airport. And reach the test center on the allotted time. 
  • The test should be done 3 to 4 hours from the scheduled departure date, as the test results took at least an hour.
  • The Covid-19 test should be shown at the check-in point at British Airways. 
  • You must wear a face mask during your travel and maintain distance from the passengers for safety reasons. A face mask is a must to enter the airport. 
  • If a passenger gets a positive Covid-19 test result, their boarding will be restricted at British Airways. 

What are the precautions to take for flying with British Airways?

After the pandemic, airport rules have vastly changed, and everyone is concerned about their safety. You should take precautions before or during flying to enjoy a safe journey. Here are some points are listed:

  • Keep track of your temperature daily for a few days before the date of boarding.
  • If you feel unwell and dizzy before the flight journey, make sure to take the test. 
  • Bring a sanitizer of your own to use at the airport and on your flight for your safety.
  • Consider doing the web check-in for your British Airways flight instead of waiting in the queue to avoid contact.
  • Avoid mass gatherings at the airport for your health and safety reasons. 
  • If you are not getting the COVID test done before the flight, bring the vaccination certificate to the airport, as it is mandatory to show during check-in.

Hence, above is all the information you need to know before traveling with British Airways. Check the COVID-19 test requirements and the precautions you need to take. If you require more information, then instantly reach customer service and take guidance on your flight journey.