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Does Delta require proof of vaccination for domestic flights?

If you are preparing to travel to any destination via Delta Airlines and you are confused about the airline's current traveling guidelines, and you are searching whether it allows passengers to travel without providing vaccination proof or not, then you must carefully go through the relevant details and important traveling policies of the airline described below.

As per the instructions shared by the government, effective from June 12, 2022, flyers, U.S. citizens, or non-citizens reaching the U.S. from an international destination don't have to show a negative COVID-19 test. Moreover, travelers don't have to share the test results at the airports prior to returning to the U.S. However, proof of vaccination status is necessary for foreign nationals landing in the U.S. but not for citizens and permanent residents. 

Is a mask mandatory to board a Delta flight? 

The airline has made masks optional for all airports' employees, passengers, and crew members. Therefore, the U.S. airports and onboard aircraft domestically or most international flights don't force flyers to wear masks. The guidelines changed after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) permitted masks to be no longer mandatory in U.S. airports and aircraft. However, it is suggested to carry a mask due to local police, and mask rules may vary in other countries. 

Different travel requirements set by Delta Airlines:

Whether you are arriving from a foreign destination to the U.S or your flights are scheduled from the U.S, you are required to obey the following updated Delta guidelines:

  • If you are a non-resident of the United States and you are arriving from any foreign-location, and you are fully vaccinated, then you need to provide your vaccination-proof to the airlines. If you don't have a vaccination-certificate, then you will not be allowed to board a United States flight. 

  • If your kid is traveling along with you and is under 18 years of age, then he is exempted from providing vaccination proof. 

  • If any person has a medical contraindication to vaccine shots and provides supporting documents to the airlines supporting it, then they are exempted from providing vaccination proof. 

  • Following travelers are exempted from providing proof of vaccination to Delta Airlines: COVID-19 vaccine trial participants, Members of armed forces, members of sea crew, people who have been issued emergency exceptions, and persons on foreign diplomatic travel. 

Does Delta require COVID testing for domestic flights?

If you are traveling via Delta Airlines and you are searching “Does Delta require COVID testing for domestic flights?” Then no, it is not necessary to provide COVID test reports to the airlines for both domestic and international flights. However, foreign passengers must provide vaccination certificates at the airport. If you are traveling via connecting flight, then you must provide your COVID-19 test report indicating that your test was conducted one day prior to your flight's initial departure. Also, your time must not exceed 48 hours between your connecting flights. 

Delta Travel Requirements Guide

It is challenging to get instructions related to Delta Travel Requirements; here, the detailed information is shared with you for your convenience. 

International Travel Requirements: if you travel outside the U.S., ensure you have all the travel documents, like a valid passport or health-related requirements. For international flyers: 

  • A passport is a prerequisite with a validity of an extended six months from your intended stay in a foreign nation. 
  • The passenger's name on the boarding pass must match the government-issued passport. 
  • Check if a visa is necessary for your desired destination. 
  • A permanent resident of the United States needs appropriate documentation to get permission to re-enter the U.S. Also, U.S. citizens don't require to show passports to the U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico but a valid government-issued ID. 

Domestic Travel Is Open: U.S. residents and citizens traveling within 48 States and Alaska don't need entry requirements. However, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands may have conditions. Passengers can plan their domestic trip via Delta Discover Map. 

  • Flyers can present health documentation before check-in for digital verification via Delta FlyReadySM. Apart from this, Delta Discover Map can help you by informing the requirements of a specific landing place.
  • As per the instructions, it is essential to reach the airport a minimum of 3 hours before the flight departure schedule in case of an international flight. And check in at least 60 minutes before the departure. 

In case you have any issues related to Delta Travel Requirements, contact the airline at 1 (800) 221-1212 for instant help. Visit the website for more latest updates. Follow the airline on social media. 

What document must be provided as proof of vaccination status?

Travelers must provide proof of vaccination that can either be in the form of a paper or digital certificate, and it must consist of the full name of the passenger, which is registered on his passport, and the date of birth must match. The vaccine certificate must indicate the name of the vaccine and the date of vaccination. It is wise to carry printed copies of your documents to the airlines. Certain international destinations still want COVID testing before arrival; hence customers must check the traveling requirement before reaching the airport.