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Passengers with Southwest Airlines reservations can do web check-in 24 hours before the scheduled Departure Flight through the official website, www.southwest.com. You have to follow a few steps for Southwest airlines check-in which are mentioned below. It saves time at the time of boarding.

To check in with Southwest Airlines, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to Southwest Airlines' website or mobile app.
  • Click on the "Check In" tab.
  • Enter your confirmation or ticket number, your first and last name, or your Rapid Rewards account number and click "Search."
  • Follow the prompts to select your flight and seats, and then confirm your check-in.
  • Once you have completed the check-in process, you can either print your boarding pass or have it sent to your mobile device.

Alternatively, you can also check in for your Southwest Airlines flight at the airport, by visiting a self-service kiosk or the Southwest Airlines ticket counter. However, it's recommended that you check in online or via the mobile app to save time and avoid long lines at the airport.

What is an Early bird check-in at Southwest airlines? 

Southwest Airlines provides early bird Check-In to their passengers—early bird check-In as an option in which passengers can check-In within 36 hours of the scheduled Departure Flight. You can generate a boarding pass after completing the Southwest Airlines check-in process. It allows you to select seats according to your choice and add meals and overhead bin storage for your luggage. 

Passengers can do an early check-In 36 hours before the scheduled flight.

How to Check in with Southwest Airlines through an app?

Passengers looking for early check-in can do it online or through an app. You can do  Southwest Airlines web check-in 24 hours before the Departure Flight. To check-In through Southwest Airlines App needs to follow some steps:

  • You must have downloaded Southwest Airlines App.
  • Open the app and click on Check-In.
  • Complete the required information such as First name, Last name, confirmation number, departure, and arrival.
  • Click on Confirm Check-In.
  • Now you can print your boarding pass.

Early Check-In saves time, and you can get a boarding pass after completing the Check-In process. On the departure day, a passenger needs to drop baggage at the baggage counter and can proceed for a security check-In.